Captain Jack is currently living in South Tyneside but he and the crew will travel to the edges of the known world to party with anyone who wants to hire us.

Obviously the further we travel our bill will be higher to off set traveling time and expenses.

Any further questions please contact Colin Fortune by email or by ringing 07882633143.

If you want to contact Captain Jack he still uses carry pigeons.



At Captain Jacks Pirate Party’s getting a price could not be any simpler, just give us a call on 07882633143 or drop us a email on that inter web thingy and we will get back to you with questions like.

How many people are going to your party?

How many hours would you like us to entertain you and your guests?

Do you want balloon bending and face painting?

Do you what party games with or without prizes?

How do you feel about a treasure hunt and what would you like in the treasure chest?

And last but not least where would you like us to travel to and what time will your party’s start?

Once we have all this information we will then give you a price. At Captain Jacks distance is not a problem but there will be an extra charge if we have to travel more than 20 miles to your party.

That will be in your quote so we don’t get confused.